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It is a circuit of about 250 kilometers, with some areas of gravel.


From the City of Bariloche, take National Road No. 237, along the LIMAY RIVER. After 35 kms, you get to the AMPHITHEATER, a natural formation with a viewpoint that allows a different view of that river.

Later you can visit the Enchanted Valley, where the rock formations as a result of the erosion of time and the wind give rise to particular figures such as "the Finger of God," "Sentinel", among others.

A few kilometers further, you reach Confluencia (Confluence), named like this because of  the junction of the rivers Limay and Traful, which was blocked by the lake that formed the dam Alicurá. From here there is no more paving (those who come by car from Neuquén can see these landscapes before arriving in Bariloche). You have to continue on Route No. 65, made of gravel, and after driving for about 5 kilometers you reach the TRAFUL VIEWPOINT: a balcony that is 70 meters high and offers a spectacular view of Lake Traful and the surroundings.

VILLA TRAFUL, on the bank of Lake Traful, is a small and quiet village in a valley surrounded by mountains and forests of Coihues.  The good maintenance of its roads allows tourists to travel in all seasons. It has good infrastructure and it is chosen by salmon fishermen and lovers of adventure tourism to practise trekking or rafting on the River Traful. If you continue along Provincial Route No. 65 and after passing by Puerto Arrayan and Portezuelo you reach National Route No. 234, known as THE ROUTE OF THE SEVEN LAKES. You go around LAKE CORRENTOSO, LAKE ESPEJO (Lake Mirror), you cross the National Road No. 231 that goes to the International Cardenal Samore Pass to Chile.

The next place to visit is VILLA LA ANGOSTURA, a picturesque mountain village on the northern margin of Lake Nahuel Huapi, where the Bayo Hill, Bahia Manzana (Apple Bay) and other beautiful places stand out. (See full information about Villa La Angostura in Neuquén Province). You go around the Lake on Route 234 up to the junction with Route 237 that leads back to Bariloche.


A route that includes a very wide variety of landscapes, lakes, forests, mountains, rivers, and finishes in a very picturesque city: San Martin de los Andes.
From the City of Bariloche, take National Route No. 237 up to National Road No. 231 along Lake Nahuel Huapi which leads to VILLA LA ANGOSTURA (see the continuation of this tour in Villa La Angostura in the Province of Neuquén).

Circuit Route of the Seven Lakes.