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Main tourist circuit of the city which allows to visit the main and most diverse attractions, along a fully paved road that is really beautiful. Also, several trees and flowers are along this road such as cypresses, cohiues, roses and wildflowers.


Leaving from the Civic Center, take Ezequiel Bustillo Avenue, then National Road No. 237, which goes around Lake Nahuel Huapi. After you go past the Sailing Club, the Melipal Neighborhood, at km 8 you arrive at:

a place to enjoy the sun and sometimes the lake. Across from the beach, on Lake Nahuel Huapi, there is Huemul Island. It has some history since in 1945, an atomic energy plant began to be built, but the project was never finished. It is currently a Tourist Historical Ecological Reserve and it can not be visited.

At km. 18, you can visit, CAMPANARIO HILL , On the base there is a chairlift that takes you to the summit, 1050 meters above sea level, where a café and a viewpoint offer a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding area.

At km. 23, Villa Llao-Llao, where the SAN EDUARDO CHAPEL stands out. The parking lot lies100 meters from the route. The church was built in 1938 by architect Bustillo, for the tourists who were staying at the famous Hotel. It has a neo-Gothic style, which is highlighted by its wonderful natural environment, and it was built of stone and cypress logs. In its interior, the vitraux and a frieze by Raul Soldi recreating scenes from the life of St. Edward stand out. It is closed on Mondays. From the hill, where it is built there is an outlook of the Lake and:

THE LLAO LLAO HOTEL, which is a symbol of the area. It was opened in 1939, it was also built by architect Bustillo. The name refers to a fungus that grows on trees in the area, such as Ñire and coihue. It was originally built in stone and wood. On October 29, 1939, a voracious fire completely destroyed the hotel. In 1991 it was reopened, respecting the particular style that the architect had given it.

At km. 25, opposite the entrance road to the Hotel:

PORT PAÑUELO (HANDKERCHIEF) on the Lake Nahuel Huapi where tourist boats leave to Victoria Island and Puerto Blest, among others.
After going past the port, you go to:

LLAO-LLAO MUNICIPAL PARK. It was opened in 1989 and it had the aim to preserve the environment in perpetuity. It has an area of 1226 hectares, and it is a forest mainly populated by cohiues and canes.

It has many trails that allow hikes in contact with nature, some of those paths go up to Lake Moreno and Lake Escondido.
Following the circuit, you can see LAKE ESCONDIDO (HIDDEN LAKE), and as its name suggests, it is observable behind the forest.

BAHIA (BAY) AND CERRO (HILL) LOPEZ: the hill is steep and it is 2076 meters high. It is opposite the bay on Lake Nahuel Huapi, and  along the road, there are several  points that offer panoramic views of the place.

At km 33:
Bridge over ANGOSTURA STREAM: it a completely clear stream, which joins the Lakes Moreno Oeste and Nahuel Huapi. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the landscape that surrounds it.

At km. 40:
PANORAMIC POINT: because it is 945 meters above sea level, there is a spectacular and unforgettable view of the beauties of the area. In the first place you can see the Lake Moreno and Peninsula Llao-Llao, and further the famous hotel and Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Continuing the road, LAGOO0N TREBOL (Clover) appears and at Km 43,  the circuit joins Bustillo Avenue again which takes us back to the city of Bariloche.
An option within the circuit is to take Provincial Route No. 79 to COLOGNE SWITZERLAND, an enchanting place that stands out for the surrounding mountains and its typical wooden houses. It was a place of settlement for the Swiss and the French. Today many of their descendants still inhabit the region; they produce sweets, preserves and homemade liqueurs. A fish farm on Lake Moreno, is another place to visit that has several campsites.