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Although it is the oldest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, it is one of the most popular ones with Argentinian and foreign tourists. One of the reasons is that in San Telmo you can dance and listen to tango.


The first inhabitants of this neighbourhood, first called Altos de San Pedro, were people that worked at the port. In those days the port was where La Boca is today . The present Defensa street, considered the oldest in the city, used to join the Port to the Main Square. The English invaded this area between 1806 and 1807. As a consequence of the growth and prosperity of the neighbourhood, traditional porteño families chose it to live and built large houses. However, in 1871 a yellow fever epidemic broke out and this neighbourhood suffered its consequences. The rich families left the place and went to live in the northern part of the city. The abandoned large houses were used by immigrants, this is how tenements (conventillos) were born.


They are divided into two circuits: Dorrego Square and Lezama Park.


DORREGO SQUARE: it is a characteristic place and a must for tourists. It is surrounded by Defensa Street, Humberto 1º St, Bethlem Alley and Anselmo Aieta Alley. This square is considered the oldest green space after May Square and it has been declared National Historical Monument. In this place, every Sunday San Telmo Fair takes place. Defensa street becomes pedestrian, and you can see tango dancers, payadores and other artists. You can also visit stalls where old things and antiques are sold. The houses that surround the square maintain their original aspect, although most of them became antique stores. During the week, the square is full of tables and chairs from all the surrounding bars and cafes.

DOMINGO FRENCH 'S HOUSE: at 1062 Defensa Street, between Humberto 1º St. and Carlos Calvo St., you can see the house where Domingo French lived. It was built in 1762, and very few of the original materials remain; the patio became a commercial stroll that has several small antique stores.

OUR LADY OF BELEN CHURCH AND SAN PEDRO TELMO PARISH CHURCH: They are on Humberto 1º St, beteween Defensa and Balcarce. See more information.

PENITENTIARY MUSEUM: it is at 378 Humberto 1º Street, Tel.:4362-0099. It was an old Jesuitical residence. After the expulsion of the order, the place was successively a women asylum, hospital, barracks, school of medicine and women prison. Finally the Superior Academy of Penitentiary Studies and the Penitentiary Museum were established.

GUILLERMO RAWSON SCHOOL: it is at 343 Humberto 1º St. The first school of medicine of the city of Buenos Aires was here. At its entrance there are two centenary magnolias.

LA DEFENSA ALLEY: at 1179 Defensa, there is a traditional two-story large house. It was built at the end of the XIX century. The Ezeiza family lived there. On the first floor there are three patios: The Time, The Tree and The Ezeizas. Nowadays this house is a commercial stroll.

MUSEUM OF MODERN ART: it is at 350 San Juan Avenue, Tel.:4361-1121. There you can observe an impressive red brick building. It used to belong to Tobacco Manufacture Picardo y Cía. Ltda that made black cigarettes “43” brand, a logotype that repeatedly appears on the front of the building. The building was built in 1918, and when it was recycled, its original architecture was kept. At the museum there are exhibitions of contemporary plastic artists.


LEZAMA PARK: it is surrounded by Paseo Colón Av, Martín García Av, Defensa St. and Brasil Av. Some historians say that this is the place that Pedro de Mendoza chose to found Buenos Aires for the first time in 1536. The place was known as the English country house because it had belonged to English and American until it was bought by a Salteño trader, called José G. Lezama, in 1857. He extended the mansion, hired a landscape gardener, some statues were placed and he managed the most impressive park in Buenos Aires.
When he died, his widow handed it over to the town council with the condition that it was a public park and had his husband name. Inside the perimeter of the park, there are interesting monuments, for example, the one that is dedicated to PEDRO de MENDOZA. It was built in 1937 to commemorate the 400 years of the first foundation of Buenos Aires; it is on the corner of Defensa and Brasil. Near there, you can see the sculpture of a she-wolf nursing Romulus and Remus (loba amamantando a Rómulo y Remo), a replica donated by the King of Italy because of the centenary of 1910. Almost on the corner of Martín García Av. and Paseo Colón Av., you can see the notable "Cruceiro", very typical from Galicia. Another important monument is the beautiful monument of the confraternity between Argentina and Uruguay. It was donated by the city of Montevideo. It is situated on Martín García Av. and it stands out because it is high and majestic. The Lezama park is one of the most beautiful ones in the city because of its forestation, design and natural hill on Paseo Colón. On Brasil Av., there is an amphitheatre, which was built in 1914 and can hold 2,000 people.

NATIONAL HISTORICAL MUSEUM: it is at 1600 Defensa Street, Tel.:4307-1182. It was founded in 1889. This building used to be the Lezama family’s residence. In the museum there are documents, evidence, works of art, etcetera, from all the periods of the Argentinian history.

RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH: sit is at 315 Brasil Av. It was built in XVII century Muscovite style and it was opened in 1904. The funds to build it were mainly obtained by Russian peasants and also by representatives of the Russian Imperial House. At the beginning, the present land was bought and then in that place the church was built. Its five onion-shaped domes stand out, they are decorated with mosaics and paintings.

BRITISH BAR: it is on the corner of Brasil Av. and Defensa. It is a historical café opened in 1928. Some scenes from the movies “High Heels” ("Tacos Altos") and “Where are you, love of my life, that I can’t find you? ("Donde estás amor de mi vida, que no te puedo encontrar") were filmed there.